Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes

Whether it's delicious vegetarian or easy vegan recipes you're after, or ideas for gluten or dairy-free dishes, you'll find plenty here to inspire you.

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Recipe: Delicious Beetroot Burger

Beetroot Burger ” Step Make a Recipe Beetroot Burger need 14 ingredients and 5 Step” You can make Beetroot Burger use 14 ingredients and 5 step. Here’s how to cook }. Ingredients make Beetroot Burger You Need sesame burger bun. You Need mayonnaise (I used 

Recipe: Perfect Vegan Gluten-Free Tofu Omlette

Vegan Gluten-Free Tofu Omlette “How to Make a Recipe Vegan Gluten-Free Tofu Omlette need 22 ingredients and 10 Step” This Vegan Omelet is fluffy and full of veggies, does not have Tofu. Free of Dairy,egg, corn, yeast, gluten. The Chickpea flour Vegan Omelette to make! 

Recipe: Appetizing Pretend chicken pie (vegan)

Pretend chicken pie (vegan)

” Step Make a Recipe Pretend chicken pie (vegan) need 14 ingredients and 9 Step”

Vegan Pot Pie is ready in about an hour, and makes a delicious main dish for any holiday. Long ago before my vegan days, I LOVED chicken pot pie. If you are struggling to find vegan recipes with a meaty texture you have to try this Vegan Chicken Pot Pie! You can make Pretend chicken pie (vegan) use 14 ingredients and 9 step. Here’s how to cook }.

Ingredients make Pretend chicken pie (vegan)

  1. You Need tofu.
  2. You Need paprika.
  3. You Need onion.
  4. You Need celery.
  5. You Need carrots.
  6. You Need garlic.
  7. You Need mushrooms.
  8. You Need pepper.
  9. You Need leek.
  10. You Need green beans.
  11. You Need Some peas.
  12. You Need cream alternative.
  13. You Need chopped parsley.
  14. You Need jusrol puff pastry.

Trying to make food for carnivores is no easy task. They are usually after that meaty texture and robust, rich flavor and, sometimes, have a predisposition not to. Every vegan (or non-vegan) needs a delicious chicken pot pie recipe in their wheelhouse. It's a staple in my diet and I hope it finds a place in yours.

Steps make Pretend chicken pie (vegan)

  1. Take your tofu block (you prolly want firm but my local shop only sells silken so I use that and it’s fine) and wrap it up in several layers of kitchen roll then pop a heavy book or two on there to press it for 15mins. This gives it a firmer texture and takes some of the moisture out. You can see I dropped my tofu so there are splatty bits this time.
  2. Carefully chop and fry your tofu. When it’s soft, it’ll fall apart just being picked up so be careful. It also spits in the pan. After you’ve cooked two sides they hold together a bit better. Try to ‘seal’ the sides like you would chicken. In the last minute, sprinkle a small amount of paprika over them..
  3. Once cooked, pop the tofu on some kitchen roll to get the excess frying oil off, cover with pepper and then set to one side.
  4. Finely chop the onion, celery, carrot and garlic. Cook em in a large pan until soft. If you have any white wine or cider, you might wanna add and then simmer away a cup now..
  5. Chop and add the rest of the vegetables, then add a cup of veggie stock and any bits of tofu that were too squished or broken to fry. Simmer off lots of the liquid.
  6. Add the cream alternative and a cup of frozen (or fresh) peas and the tofu. Make sure it’s all hot and then transfer into a casserole dish. (In retrospect it was too watery this time bc of the extra ice on the peas, be ready to add corn starch if you need to).
  7. Get your block of puff pastry and roll it so that it’s large enough to cover the top of your dish plus an inch each way. Leave it to settle for ten mins as it will shrink. Then plonk it on top of the mix!.
  8. Wash the top with some milk or egg alternative to make it shiny! (I forgot) Cook in the oven at 220C (435ishF?) for 12-15 minutes until the pastry is all puffed up and golden..
  9. Cut up and seeeerrrrve!.

Adding Dough/Filling to Pie Pan: – Flatten dough on greased cookie sheet using a greased rolling pin. – Lay flattened dough in pie pan and smooth edges. Most Pot Pie is typically, well, not Vegan. But us plant-based peeps deserve to enjoy this mouth-watering comfort food too, am I right?! That's why I decided to make this Chickpea Pot Pie! With a few simple substitutions — like heart-healthy Chickpeas for Chicken — this recipe is equally delicious.

Easiest Way to Make Perfect 4-Mushroom soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly) #soupcontest

4-Mushroom soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly) #soupcontest ” Step Make a Recipe 4-Mushroom soup (vegan- and paleo-friendly) #soupcontest need 15 ingredients and 8 Step” It's easy to make, flavorful, and will warm you up! Pro tip: This soup reheats well, but the barley in this vegan 

Easiest Way to Make Delicious Vegetable soup

Vegetable soup “How to Make a Recipe Vegetable soup need 15 ingredients and 6 Step” You can cook Vegetable soup use 15 ingredients and 6 step. Here’s how to make }. Ingredients make Vegetable soup You Need 1 tbsp olive oil. You Need 1 small 

Recipe: Delicious Vegetable Soup *Vegan

Vegetable Soup *Vegan

” Step Make a Recipe Vegetable Soup *Vegan need 14 ingredients and 8 Step”

You can make Vegetable Soup *Vegan use 14 ingredients and 8 step. Here’s how to}.

Ingredients cook Vegetable Soup *Vegan

  1. You Need red onion or 6 shallots.
  2. You Need garlic cloves.
  3. You Need cabbage.
  4. You Need carrots.
  5. You Need green beans.
  6. You Need brocoli.
  7. You Need cauliflower.
  8. You Need spring onion.
  9. You Need chopped celery leaves.
  10. You Need salt.
  11. You Need pepper.
  12. You Need water.
  13. You Need beef or chicken frame.
  14. You Need cooking oil.

how to make Vegetable Soup *Vegan

  1. Boil beef or chicken frame with 10 cups of water to make stock, put aside..
  2. Chop red onion and garlic, put aside..
  3. Chop all vegetables, put aside..
  4. Pre-heat cooking oil, cook onion and garlic until it smells good, cook chopped carrot, green bean, brocoli, and cauliflower until half cooked..
  5. Pour beef or chicken stock, wait until its boilig.
  6. When it starts bubbling, sprinkle salt and pepper, stir it well..
  7. Put the cabbage, and wait until all the vegetables cooked. (Half cook or well done, depends on what you like).
  8. Sprinkle chopped spring onion and celery, stir it well, turn off the stove and serve it while its hot..

How to Cook Perfect Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake ” Step Make a Recipe Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake need 7 ingredients and 5 Step” You can make Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake use 7 ingredients and 5 step. Here’s how to}. Ingredients cook Vegan Chocolate Mousse Cake You Need packs – 

Easiest Way to Make Yummy Vickys Hidden Avocado Brownies, GF DF EF SF NF

Vickys Hidden Avocado Brownies, GF DF EF SF NF ” Step Make a Recipe Vickys Hidden Avocado Brownies, GF DF EF SF NF need 11 ingredients and 5 Step” You can make Vickys Hidden Avocado Brownies, GF DF EF SF NF use 11 ingredients and 

How to Make Tasty Vegan Refried Beans

Vegan Refried Beans

“How to Make a Recipe Vegan Refried Beans need 8 ingredients and 14 Step”

You can cook Vegan Refried Beans use 8 ingredients and 14 step. Here’s how to make }.

Ingredients make Vegan Refried Beans

  1. You Need pinto beans, washed and soaked overnight.
  2. You Need large clove of garlic sliced.
  3. You Need dried oregano.
  4. You Need unsalted butter.
  5. You Need medium sized red/brown onion finely diced.
  6. You Need Serrano chilli pepper finely diced.
  7. You Need smoked paprika.
  8. You Need Salt as required.

Steps make Vegan Refried Beans

  1. Wash the pinto beans and soak with 2 cups of water for at least 8-10 hours. I have used the beans depicted in the picture of the completed dish..
  2. In a large stockpot, add the soaked pinto beans along with the water it has been soaking in and add an additional 3 cups of water..
  3. To the beans, add sliced garlic and the dried oregano. The original recipe uses epazote but I didn’t have any on hand so some dried oregano will do just fine..
  4. Bring these beans up to a boil on high heat. Once boiling, reduce the heat to a medium and let the beans simmer for an hour and a half..
  5. Alternatively (this is the method I used), if you own a pressure cooker, you may add all of the above ingredients into a pressure cooker and cook for 6 whistles on medium-high heat..
  6. WARNING: When using a pressure cooker, exercise extreme caution! Open the lid only when all the pressure has settled!.
  7. Check for the doneness of the beans. Using the back of a spoon, mash a bean against the wall of your vessel. If it turns to mush pretty easily, your beans are done..
  8. In a saucepan, heat your butter and add the finely diced onions to it. Sauté well until the onions turn a light brown colour..
  9. Add the sliced Serrano chilli pepper and the smoked paprika. Alternatively, you can use fresh jalapeño pepper and chipotle.
  10. Next, using a spider spoon or a slotted spoon, remove your beans from the water and add them all to the saucepan. Add enough salt to flavour the beans. Do not discard all that flavourful water! We have a use for it..
  11. Using a spatula or a flat spoon, gently begin mashing the beans in the saucepan. Add a tablespoon at a time of water (that the beans cooked in) and continue mashing until the water has been absorbed by the dish..
  12. Now, you can make the dish as watery or thick as you want or as smooth or grainy as you like. This depends on how much water you add and how much you mash..
  13. Continue adding the flavoured water and mashing the beans until it reached your desired consistency. I personally made them grainy because I love some texture in the beans! I also made it pretty firm so I added lesser water..
  14. Once you reach your desired consistency, your dish is ready! Remove from heat and let cool before you add it to your tacos 😉.

Easiest Way to Cook Delicious La Paz Road Bean Soup

La Paz Road Bean Soup ” Step Make a Recipe La Paz Road Bean Soup need 16 ingredients and 3 Step” Lunch, dinner, groceries, office supplies, or anything else: Postmates delivers from all your favorites places on-demand. La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia,